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Monday, December 10, 2012

egre - Edelweis Anaphalis javanica

Edelweis, Notice the leaves are long, thin and hairy, and the center of the orange flowers and the flower heads that resemble daisies. Flowers Edelweis can reach more than 100 years old, that's called a perennial flower. This type of strong pioneer plants and began inhabiting the barren slopes of fires. Edelweis suitable to grow in sweltering conditions in open areas in the crater and the summit, could not compete to grow in dark and damp forest.
Edelweis Anaphalis Javanica
Edelweis Anaphalis Javanica

Edelweis Anaphalis javanica is a famous mountain plants, this plant can reach a height of 8 m and has a trunk of a human, but beautiful plant is now very rare. Edelweis a pioneer plant for young volcanic soils in mountain forests and are able to survive in the barren land, because it is able to form mycorrhizae with certain soil fungi effectively extend the area covered by the roots - roots and increase efficiency in the search for nutrients.

Flowers - the flowers are favored by insects, more than 300 kinds of insects such as fleas, tirip, butterfly - butterflies, flies, wasps and bees look visit. If the plant's branches - branches are allowed to grow strong enough, edelweiss can be a nesting place for birds Tiung Myophonus glaucinus sly stone. Parts - Parts edelweiss often picked up and taken down from the mountain for a reason - aesthetic and spiritual reasons, or simply recalled - memories by the climbers.

Within certain limits, and all just pieces - small pieces were picked, this pressure can be encountered. Unfortunately, greed and hope - hope that one has to sacrifice a lot of the population, especially the population located in the path - the path.

Unfortunately greed and hopes that one has to sacrifice a lot of the population, especially the population located in the paths. Research that has been done shows that the edelweiss can be propagated easily by cutting the branches. Therefore, the pieces may be sold to visitors to reduce the pressure on wild populations.

One of the best places to look Edelweiss is at Tegal Alun (volcano / Mount Papandayan), Square Surya Kencana (Gunung Gede), Alun-Alun Mandalawangi (Mount Pangrango), and Plawangan Sembalun (Gunung Rinjani).  Source

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Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Mountain Which Friendly With Women Climber

Climb up and down the mountain that challenge is fun to go through. But who told you climb the mountain only suitable for men? There are also some mountain climbers climb safe and easy women. The natural beauty of the mountains have always attracted attention. Not just men, women too much to the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

Unfortunately, the long route full of obstacles and sometimes can only be passed climbers sometimes male - male. But there are also some mountain climbers climb safe and easy women, such as 5 below the mountain.

1. Mount Ungaran, Central Java
The first mountain to climb right is Mount Ungaran women in Central Java. The mountain is located in Ungaran, Semarang regency, and the mountain is easy to climb climber women.

Not only that, Mount Ungaran also more suitable place to visit as it has several attractions at the foot of the mountain. Call it Gedongsongo temple and also several waterfalls such as waterfall and waterfall Lawe Semirang you can go in there.

Continued to climb to the top, the climbers women can arrive at the mountaintop and saw 3 peaks aligned. The three mountain was named Gendol, Bald and Ungaran. Although said to be parallel, it has three different heights. Gendol and bald peak has a height which is not far from Ungaran, the highest peak of the mountain.

On top of the mountain with an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level, hikers can enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time 2. In the north you will be hypnotized by the vast expanse of the Java Sea. Whereas if you look to the south, the mountain range will meet the views: Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, chippy, too Sindoro.

2. Mount Papandayan (Volcano), West Java
Besides Ungaran, another mountain that is also suitable for women climb is volcano in Garut, West Java. This mountain has a sloping path, complete with beautiful scenery will faithfully accompany your ascent.

Tegal Alun Papandayan
Tested lane volcano, climbers will be charmed by some gorgeous crater, such as crater Mas, New Crater and Crater Nangklak. Mountain with an altitude of 2665 meters above sea level has a distinctive charm, which Edelweis flower meadow.

This perennial flower meadow belongs near the top of the mountain. So, when it meets beautiful perennial flower meadow, soon your feet will touch the top of the mountain.

3. Mount Ijen, East Java
You know Kawah Ijen? Crater located in Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi regency, East Java is famous for its beauty. Many climbers from home and abroad are willing to climb out of the early days in order to enjoy the sunrise at the summit of Mount Ijen.

It was not only that, the mountain perch in the crater is also easy to climb mountain climber woman. Not many hurdles mean that you will deter climbing. So it is safe for women.

However, there are important things when you step on the path climbers climb Ijen. Roads in Mount Ijen is filled by sand, so if you do not take - the liver can complicate your step. Even so, all the hard work will pay off once you see the beautiful sunrise from a height of 2443 meters above sea level.

4. Mount Sibayak, North Sumatra
Not only the island of Java, Sumatra it also has a secure mount for ditanjak women. Precisely in the city Brastagi, namely Mount Sibayak.

Sibayak mountain is a mountain that has a famous exotic panorama. Not only that, the mountain is also known to have an easy route. So fitting and not too difficult for women climbers, especially the beginners.

Even more interesting, this mountain peak at an altitude of 2212 meters above sea level and has the shape of a horseshoe. Therefore, the highest point of the mountain is called Peak Poultice Horse.

There are multiple paths to reach the top of the mountain, but the favorite is the Path Five Four. Naming these paths according to location, which is located at Km 54 of the city of Medan. To achieve it did not spend a long time, only about 3-4 hours from the entrance lane. Even more fun again, climbers can eat corn on the cob or roasted before climbing.

5. Mount Kelimutu, NTT
The last mountain in the category of women is safe to climb Mount Kelimutu in NTT. The mountain is famous for its crater 3 colors, commonly known as the Lake Kelimutu.

Ascent Path Kelimutu
Mountains are located in the National Park Kelimutu (TNGK) Ende, Flores, NTT is already well known to foreign tourists. Many tourists who throng - throng came just to hike and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, which appears beneath the crater 3 colors.

Apparently, that makes Kelimutu tourists visited not only for its natural beauty, but also the easy route. To reach the top, a path that is clean and free of weeds has been prepared TNGK manager.

You also do not need to climb high - high, because of the foot of the mountain to the summit is only 1639 meters above sea level. Yeah, not too high and is suitable for women climbers, especially beginners.

More fun again, all the way, hikers will be presented with the natural beauty of Flores. Lots of lush green trees that faithfully accompany. Not only that, the chirping of birds singing, the joys of climbing. Source

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunrise at Mount Sikunir

04.00 am in the hotel room Bu Joyo, I pull the blanket warmer Kristianto. Somewhat disturbed apparently friends is awakened in the cold temperatures and forced to give up the warm blankets. Furthermore, Paul also woke up and started packing our equipment. Despite the bone-chilling cold, eventually the three of us were ready and quickly heats the engine Toyota FJ-40 form. Some foreign tourists, who were sehotel we also got busy. Finally, in the misty darkness we were racing our cars to Mount Sikunir, chasing sunrise.

Bernard T. Revelation Wiryanta - The Wildlife Photographers Community

Mount Sikunir is one mountain range in Dieng plateau. Dieng Plateau in Central Java is the large crater of Mount Boat. Create a local hikers, mountain Sikunir not so well known. But this mountain is very famous among foreign tourists. Create the foreign tourists who visit the island of Java, the ultimate goal is usually to Yogyakarta Borobudur-Prambanan--Bromo-Dieng. Well on the Dieng Plateau, besides watching ranks Hindu temple, lake colors, and craters Sikidang, enjoy the sunrise from Mount Sikunir a mandatory agenda.

This time in the series "Central Java Wildlife Photo Hunting" we will also perpetuate the sunrise from Mount Sikunir. From Hotel Bu Joyo, we took the foot of this mountain in just 30 minutes. Even this event punctuated by a stray in the street. The path we are passing through Colour Lake and Ponds Tadpole. In the village before Ponds Tadpole is still to be found some dreadlocked kid. Not hard to reach Mount Sikunir, from Dieng by asking residents it will show the route.

Sikunir mountainside, we parked our Hardtop near manure piles potato farmer. Then we went on a trip up to the top Sikunir. It only took 30 minutes just seems a pleasant stroll to get to the top.
At the top Sikunir, we found some foreign tourists have preceded us. It was still dark. To ward off the cold while waiting for "The Sun" appeared to us brewing coffee while enjoying hand-rolled "Rijzende De Hoop" *.

Slowly, then looked red tinge appeared from the east. Thus began silhouette Sindoro clearly in front of us blocking the cleft. In the distance was too Merapi smoldering. Also Merbabu and Ungaran.

A set of cloud whirled above, and changing reddened sunlight began to swell. Meanwhile, the ranks of the lights in the village of Buffalo, and the lights at the foot of the mountain was adorned Wonsobo Sindoro. There was no fog at all until sunrise phenomenon with mountain range in Central Java gemunung success we enjoy. A very beautiful scenery. Of course we also capture with a camera for a gift later.

From here we are still pursuing the rest of the sunrise from the top of the hill behind the Colour Lake. try to enjoy the lake with the background color of the Dieng Plateau township misty. As the sun began to rise, we continued our expedition, looking for bags semar (Nephentes sp.) And plant Purwoceng (Pimpinela fruatjan) around Mount Boats.

* De Rijzende Hoop - is a Dutch tobacco brands. Rolled by way of smoking. Indonesia under the brand name version of The Rising Hope, or better known as "tobacco warning" produced by PT Taru Martani. Source

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Climb Mount It By Heart

In a climbing trip, not a few of the climbers who feel tired and took - a long rest. Then what was done during the rest? Of drinking water supplies, smoking (a common thing that often happens), talked to and fro, and then it is not uncommon to fall asleep like I was in bed mattress!

And many of them do not give up and move on the climb to the summit of the mountain, and chose to sleep on the slopes, or also fell back. The main factor of fatigue. But, we try to learn from a Dalem Abdi Sultan Palace is called Joyo Saputro Minten 77 years old.

Grandmother who had long been Abdi Dalem was walking up to a location of Merapi in Labuhan Bedhengan Alas, Hamlet Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Yogyakarta was barefoot! He claimed to move on to the top without a break and did not feel tired. When the ceremony was found after he looked calm. What is the recipe?

"Mantep kalih percoyo. Lebetke manah, mesti kuat. (We must be steady and confident. Insert it into the mind, must be strong)," said the petite grandmother. One thing that the key is the intention. "If the intention in the heart strong, can do it!" he said.

Power of intention, he said, is also a key to live a life day - day. "When sick, if we intend to recover steadily, surely will be cured. So also with difficulties in life," said the grandmother's dignity. Until the current age, Minten still diligently exercising. "I am healthy and diligent exercise, such as gymnastics and roads," he said.

Labuhan Merapi
Confidence is one thing that matters. "I believe I am strong, certainly stronger. If you think tired, so tired," he says is true, but the evening-old grandmother who is still able to climb steep mountain Merapi. We should imitate the sage advice.

Sometimes and often, the theory of high-tech and seminars on a variety of outdoor activities, does not have much effect in practice because we can not guess the will of nature. It will be more clearly evident if we take heed of local knowledge about the mountain environment. As Mbah Minten, which has been clearly recognize and act wisely slopes of nature.


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rinjani, Beautiful Mount in Indonesia

Rinjani, Indonesia's most beautiful mountain is a difficult mountain forgotten. Experience in Lombok, is a remarkable experience for climbers everywhere. And the story of this climb I will tell a wonderful story to share.

Cluster of clouds on the island of Lombok is so close as if about to fall from the sky. Accompany the wind I walked step by step one of the highest land in Indonesia. In the distance, Mount Rinjani stand-powerful. Towering along the northern half of Lombok, Mount Rinjani (3726m), is Indonesia's second highest volcano.

Rinjani has spiritiual value for the Hindu Balinese and Sasak tribe. To the Balinese, Rinjani is one of three mountains are consecrated as it is considered the abode of the gods, after Semeru and the Court. As it approached the island of Lombok, I was fascinated by its beauty. An Unspoiled Island, said some people. Luckily I got an early morning crossing, so they can see the sun rise. I also had to go through three famous Gili islands of the ship.

Arriving in Lombok, and after completing Aikmel logistics market, we headed to the village of Sembalun using sand truck. Sembalun village is one of the entrance to the Mount Rinjani National Park. When traveling to Sembalun, we stopped at the Mount Three virgin to enjoy the sunset.

Rinjani is like another world, my friend said. How could I not, since the beginning of the climb we were treated to an exotic desert Savana, dazzling tropical forests, and hills are incredibly beautiful. This is just the beginning, but it was very beautiful.

From Basecamp Sembalun to post a hill dotted savanna like Teletubbies, my little cut through the woods on the advice of people around because it can save you two hours. Around eleven o'clock in the afternoon I got to post one. But whose name is savanna, rarely there are trees, so I did not linger long - in this post because it stings the Sun, no wonder many are calling Rinjani 'mountain beach'.

Desert wind blowing makes the weeds - weeds waving like millions of beautiful knitwear. There are exotic there uncontested. I was lucky and the mist began to fall slightly reduce sunburn. During the trip, I often met with foreign climbers. No wonder, Mount Rinjani is one of the famous tourist attraction in the world. I was talking with one of the Caucasians and he said, 'Indonesia was really beautiful ..', I just smiled and said, 'Indeed ..'

Shortly before sunset, I arrived at the post three. In this place I was setting up camp and rest to prepare for the climb the next day.

His name sounds terrible. Hill of torture, is the name of the place we passed on the second day of climbing. Steep hills is indeed our tortured climb seemed never exhausted. Here we often find a quasi-peak, from a distance like the top of the hill but it is actually a hill - the next hill was shrouded in fog.

Regret Hill is an alternative route, tanjakannya sloping but relatively longer distance. But along the way that day, a very surreal scene. The sensation was like walking in the world of science fiction fantasy film.

Arriving in the post Plawangan Sembalun, clouds have been aligned with our feet. Here is another weather was, it felt right - right in the wild, nature adventurers. Even when the wind blows her voice was clearly heard. Ahhh, I think I'd love to jump and dance - dance on the cloud.

Plawangan Sembalun is the last outpost before the peak, with an altitude of about 2700 masl. Rinjani summit at an altitude of 3726 masl. Means that there are still about a mile vertically, I am so lazy to imagine. However, I will attack fitting summit at 12 am precisely. The rest - the rest of my energy collected by the top of Rinjani. Daypack, headlamp, snacks, Medical supplies, water and prayer that I take. My goal right at dawn I was at the top and take photos Sunrise from there.

Path to the summit is the sand, much like in semeru. The line was so terrible, left - right headed wide chasm. I strongly agree summit attack began at night so we did not fall first mentally see its path.

"A true climber is not the conquest of the bud - the highest shoots that pierce the sky, but he was to conquer the highest tops of himself as a man"

Actually, when my last sand hill was not strong at all. Eager to fall down. But I was always encouraged by other climbers, which even I do not know. Cries - cries of encouragement they gave me strength. Star - a star-studded above also encouraged. Shadow - the shadow of the people I love also arrived - turned up to give her strength.

Break the limit. That's the word - a word that is always there in my mind. Rinjani taught me to always do not give up under any circumstances. Step by step I went through, although sometimes the feet are stuck in the sand, which I need to do is just go and keep praying.

And ... I also was in Rinjani summit ..

Want to cry but shame hehe. From the peak 3726 meters above sea level, I can see all sides of the island of Lombok, Bali and Sumba island even! In the distance Mount Agung in Bali seen standing smugly. Rinjani caldera view with a line of six miles, I felt out in the ocean foam.

After shaking hands with everyone at the top and the little pictures, I must soon go down as the peak would be very hot and the water supply was low. When looking down the path, I was a little shudder. But if we have found a rhythm, we can be like playing "sand skiing", provided careful - careful not to fall into the abyss.

Arriving in Plawangan back, I took a break and get ready to get down to Lake Segara Anak. Segara Anak lake at an altitude of 1700 masl. The track is quite dangerous, because a lot of rocks and sand. Heart - the heart rests here. I left too late so I had to make camp in the middle of the road. Moreover there is my friend who injured his leg and I found a father who missed from his entourage, the father did not bring a flashlight!

In the morning we went to Lake Segara Anak, the whole way we were treated to an exotic panorama. Hills - hills like ancient times before us. My imagination says if there is a T-Rex would be nice here. Lake immediately give the child a tremendous shock, hot spring! Ahhh, it feels so good soaking in hot water after a tiring journey. Rinjani is full of surprises. I was there almost two hours soaking was accompanied by the same monkey - wild monkeys who want to steal food.

The most I can not forget from Lake Segara Anak is at sunset. It's hard to describe it with words - words. The afternoon sun shining on the mountains around the child immediately. I feel like not in Indonesia. But this is true - true Indonesia man! I really - really in love with Indonesia!

That his name off the mountain, must come down right? But for Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake we have to climb back into Plawangan (Senaru or Sembalun) for 4 hours! And then fell back. Path of the child immediately to Plawangan Senaru bit extreme, even some of the most rock climbing. Take extra care - careful. No mercy if one step.

On his way back, there was a slight incident, we ran out of water. For some reason the fountain in the post three and two lanes heading Senaru everything dry. Yet according to information from above and from the porter that we asked, there is water there. Finally, we helped a team that has come down first, they brought water and wait at the post one.

Arriving at the village gate Senaru, only gratitude I feel. I went straight up the truck to return to the city of Mataram. After stopping overnight at the home of a colleague, next day I returned to Jakarta after a quick stop at the Kuta beach.

Rinjani thanks, thanks for all the beauty and magic of you, thank you for giving confidence that the dream - the dream we can achieve it if we do not never give up, thank you for your friends - friends for his warmth, thank God for letting me see bit of the beauty of your creation .. Wira Nurmansyah


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

9 Mountain Climber For Beginners

9 Mountain Climber For Beginners

Mountain climbing is an activity favored by some, because there are interesting methods that can be applied in addition to other sights will find an eye out for who is known for. And mountain climbing have classes, from beginners to seniors. And do not dream to climb Everest in advance if the ability and the cost is not sufficient.

For beginners, there are some mountain climbing destination that does not require a lot of equipment and cost, as quoted Journeyetc.


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece which is the legendary home of the gods. The highest peak reaches 2918 meters. You can start the climb from Prionia is approximately 18 kilometers from Litohoro, then reach Refuge A in less than three hours and up to the top for more than three hours.


Mount it traces its roots are in Tengger crater. Volcanic peaks reaching 2392 meters and is one of the most popular mountain in the corner of the world. If you are a beginner, the best route to take is Cemoro Lawang which can be accessed through the City of Probolinggo. You can cross the crater of sand and get to the top of Bromo in just over an hour.


Mount Elbrus is considered as the highest mountain in Europe, located between Russia and Georgia border. When you see this mountain, it might seem daunting because of the high peak. You do not need to worry because it will not deal with technical challenges. You can even ride the cable car if you want to start your journey to peak within eight hours.


One well-known for climbing the mountain has a peak at 3776 meters altitude. The best time to visit is Japan's highest peak in July and August in terms of weather, nor is it a busy month visit. Climbing to the peak will be nearly five hours from the usual starting point. Try to reach the summit before sunrise.


United States has the best mountain named Whitney in the state of California, approximately 14 494 feet high. For beginners, it can be definitely a good place to start climbing and good performance at the end of the day.


The highest mountain in North Africa, ironically, very good for beginner climbers. To reach the top, you can go to Imlil is just a few hours walk from the Toubkal Refuge. Base camp is located at 3,200 meters. Travel to the top will take you a few hours and you'll still have enough time to get back to Imlil in 24 hours. Be prepared with such quicksand along the slopes of Jebel Toubkal.


Half Dome is one of the amazing rock in Yosemite Valley, the United States. Path starts at Happy Isles and you can journey to the summit of 1,000 meters with a lot of challenges to the summit. From there you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the valley. You can complete the journey in one day and stay, do not forget to bring supplies to it.


South Africa's mountain tops to give you a view of Cape Town's most beautiful. If you plan to reach the top quickly, take Platteklip Gorge route. This route will only take approximately three hours and you can still enjoy a few drinks at the cafe top of the mountain. Too tired to climb down? Do not worry because there is a car that can take you down Table Mountain.


The mountain is located in Maui, Hawaii. You can drive to the summit, but the best way is to walk through the park and conquer the dramatic terrain. Mount Haleakala is considered a sacred place by local residents is also the best place to look for things - the heavens.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Greening is a form of concrete action towards environmental sustainability concerns.

Greening is a form of concrete action towards environmental sustainability concerns. We Sekber-PAB with Youth-Young women and members of the TNI and POLRI, and supported by the new society to implement activities in YANG MUDA MENANAM, in the village of Babadan, District Pagentan - Banjarnegara Regency - Central Java.

If not us who else? The earth is not the heritage of our ancestors, but the deposit of our children and grandchildren. It is time we maintain, improve, and preserve our nature.

Forest damage lately, very apprehensive. let's make it a habit to plant.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tips Mountain Trekking


For people like yabng ventured into the mountains,,, there are guidelines that must be obeyed and preparation that we should do.
general preparation for mountain climbing, among others, mental readiness, physical, ethics, knowledge and skills.

1. Planning the climb
o the things that need attention within the planning ascent:
o The ability to recognize themselves in the face of the team in field
o study the field that will be pursued
o careful climbing and route plan will be taken as carefully as possible
o think about the interface of the climb
o check all equipment to be brought

2. Travel Gear
o The basic equipment

  • road equipment: shoes, socks, pants, belt, shirt, hat, raincoat etc
  • bedding: sleeping bag, tent, mattress, etc.
  • cooking and eating equipment: stove, spoon, food, matches etc.
  • personal equipment: needles, thread, personalized medicine, toothbrushes, toilet paper etc.
  • backpack / carrier

o Equipment aide

  • Compass, flashlight, knife belt, machete slash, P3K
  • "Map X, arc degrees, pengaris, pencils etc.
  •  communication tool (Handy talky), survival kit, GPS if there
  •  watches

3. Packing or stacking equipment into a backpack
o classify goods according to the type of its kind
o put in a plastic bag
o place the goods are mild and rarely use (eg, sleeping equipment) at its deepest
o The goods are frequently used and vital place it as close to the body and easily retrieved
o place the heavier goods as high and as close to the body / back
o Checklist for such goods.
good luck to your ascent to the First .... hopefully safe and successful

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Know Lake Dieng

1. Telaga Merdada / Lake Merdada
Merdada former crater lake (volcanic crater which is then filled with rain water)
water from the lake that can be used for the needs of the villagers of the Middle Reef

2. Telaga Sewiwi / Lake Sewiwi
This lake is not a crater but the occurrence of groundwater from the surrounding hills plus the rain,
so there was a lake.

Lake Menjer
Lake Menjer
3.Telaga Balekambang / Lake Balekambang
Located adjacent to the Temple Complex arjuna, to avoid the danger of flooding that can destroy the temple of the temple,
residents make Dolok river drainage.
Channel is named Gangsiran Ashwatthama.

4. Telaga Warna and Lake Pengilon
Both of this lake was once a lake, because the Tulis river dammed by lava,
the lake is separated into two until now.
This lake is also the most visited lake because of its strategic location.

5. Telaga Dringo / Lake Dringo
Dringo name derived from the growth dringo planted around the lake without one.
Lake was also a former crater that erupted in 1786.
Located in the village Pekasiran, and directly adjacent to the village of Batang regency Blado wonopriyo district,
Inline with candradimuka crater.

6. Pond tadpole
This lake is a basin surrounded by hills.
Groundwater basin itumengisi the hills.
Lake water is used for everyday purposes by residents Sembungan.

7. Telaga Menjer / Lake Menjer
Is the largest natural lake in the district of Wonosobo.
Located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, with an area of ??70 ha and a depth of 45 meters.
Menjer Lake District is situated in the village of Maron Garung Wonosobo district 12 km north of the town of Wonosobo.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dieng Plateau is told Inside Puppets

Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau is told in the puppet shows that there was a time when Java has not been inhabited and in the shambles. Java island is constantly fluctuating. Guru, as supreme god and then take the peak of Mount Himalayas and plugged in the middle of Java Island Java Island sabagai pegs. Pegs are then referred to as Dieng. Dieng and by being placed in the middle of the island of Java, then Java is no longer in turmoil, quiet and can be occupied by humans. There are several opinions regarding the origin of the name "Dieng" some people think that the word "Dieng" comes from the Sanskrit "On", which means high place or mountain and "Hyang" which means Khayangan. Others believe that the word "Dieng" comes from an ancient language that is "On" and "Hyang" which means the residence of the dewa.Sebagian others consider the word "Dieng" means "Eddie" who beratinya pretty or beautiful, and "Aeng" which bararti interpreted so as odd that Dieng is a beautiful place but it saves a lot of weirdness. Where did the word, Dieng is a place above the clouds full of charm and store an endless story. According to ancient beliefs, there are three places as Tempt persuaded highest abode of the gods, That the High Himalaya Mountains of Tibet, and the Dieng Plateau. And it is believed that in order to achieve spiritual perfection, they must go to a high place to meet with the gods. This is proven by the "Ondho Budho" contained in the southern village of Siterus which is the entrance to the Dieng Plateau from the south.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater is one of the craters on the Dieng Plateau region. The location of this crater is in the village of Dieng Kulon Banjarnegara district.

After lunch, we started walking toward the crater. Although the daytime, but the atmosphere remains cool as usual. Understandably, here's the plateau, so it is a cold meal at any time. On either side of the road is the potato fields owned by villagers. On the way we passed the entrance Telaga Warna, but this time we do not stop. Turn right and walk again, we went through the temple area of ??Bima. Temple is still well maintained, its surroundings were clean and beautiful. In addition there are also areas of Bima temple Arjuna temple area wider and more number of temple. After visiting the temple Bima while, we continued on. Passing the entrance to Crater Sikidang that there is no guardian, aka our free entry. That afternoon, the atmosphere quiet enough to make us free to walk in the middle of the road. Then we also take pictures in the middle of the road. We then pass through the pipes of PT Geo Dipa Energy Dieng unit, a company generating electric energy, geothermal power.

From the entrance to the crater distance is quite far and quite tiring, but there is no other choice so that the journey should continue. Then behold the crater area with towering smoke. This tourist spot has ample parking area. Also there are souvenir stalls. Approaching the crater area we were greeted by the distinctive smell of sulfur. Central crater is only fenced in makeshift bamboo. In it, the crater of boiling water and bubbling great. Well, quite horrified, too. We dare not linger near the central crater. Moreover, the smell of sulfur is also pierced nose. After our picture taken down and went home immediately. It's enough we admire the power of the Creator by looking at the Crater Sikidang from close range. With great struggle again, we went home. ( )

here the photos.. :)

Sikidang Crater in the rain.. :)

Sikidang Crater from the rest area.

Sikidang Crater with the rain and clouds.

Thanks... :)
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