Monday, February 27, 2012

Climb Mount It By Heart

In a climbing trip, not a few of the climbers who feel tired and took - a long rest. Then what was done during the rest? Of drinking water supplies, smoking (a common thing that often happens), talked to and fro, and then it is not uncommon to fall asleep like I was in bed mattress!

And many of them do not give up and move on the climb to the summit of the mountain, and chose to sleep on the slopes, or also fell back. The main factor of fatigue. But, we try to learn from a Dalem Abdi Sultan Palace is called Joyo Saputro Minten 77 years old.

Grandmother who had long been Abdi Dalem was walking up to a location of Merapi in Labuhan Bedhengan Alas, Hamlet Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Yogyakarta was barefoot! He claimed to move on to the top without a break and did not feel tired. When the ceremony was found after he looked calm. What is the recipe?

"Mantep kalih percoyo. Lebetke manah, mesti kuat. (We must be steady and confident. Insert it into the mind, must be strong)," said the petite grandmother. One thing that the key is the intention. "If the intention in the heart strong, can do it!" he said.

Power of intention, he said, is also a key to live a life day - day. "When sick, if we intend to recover steadily, surely will be cured. So also with difficulties in life," said the grandmother's dignity. Until the current age, Minten still diligently exercising. "I am healthy and diligent exercise, such as gymnastics and roads," he said.

Labuhan Merapi
Confidence is one thing that matters. "I believe I am strong, certainly stronger. If you think tired, so tired," he says is true, but the evening-old grandmother who is still able to climb steep mountain Merapi. We should imitate the sage advice.

Sometimes and often, the theory of high-tech and seminars on a variety of outdoor activities, does not have much effect in practice because we can not guess the will of nature. It will be more clearly evident if we take heed of local knowledge about the mountain environment. As Mbah Minten, which has been clearly recognize and act wisely slopes of nature.


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