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egre - Edelweis Anaphalis javanica

Edelweis, Notice the leaves are long, thin and hairy, and the center of the orange flowers and the flower heads that resemble daisies. Flowers Edelweis can reach more than 100 years old, that's called a perennial flower. This type of strong pioneer plants and began inhabiting the barren slopes of fires. Edelweis suitable to grow in sweltering conditions in open areas in the crater and the summit, could not compete to grow in dark and damp forest.
Edelweis Anaphalis Javanica
Edelweis Anaphalis Javanica

Edelweis Anaphalis javanica is a famous mountain plants, this plant can reach a height of 8 m and has a trunk of a human, but beautiful plant is now very rare. Edelweis a pioneer plant for young volcanic soils in mountain forests and are able to survive in the barren land, because it is able to form mycorrhizae with certain soil fungi effectively extend the area covered by the roots - roots and increase efficiency in the search for nutrients.

Flowers - the flowers are favored by insects, more than 300 kinds of insects such as fleas, tirip, butterfly - butterflies, flies, wasps and bees look visit. If the plant's branches - branches are allowed to grow strong enough, edelweiss can be a nesting place for birds Tiung Myophonus glaucinus sly stone. Parts - Parts edelweiss often picked up and taken down from the mountain for a reason - aesthetic and spiritual reasons, or simply recalled - memories by the climbers.

Within certain limits, and all just pieces - small pieces were picked, this pressure can be encountered. Unfortunately, greed and hope - hope that one has to sacrifice a lot of the population, especially the population located in the path - the path.

Unfortunately greed and hopes that one has to sacrifice a lot of the population, especially the population located in the paths. Research that has been done shows that the edelweiss can be propagated easily by cutting the branches. Therefore, the pieces may be sold to visitors to reduce the pressure on wild populations.

One of the best places to look Edelweiss is at Tegal Alun (volcano / Mount Papandayan), Square Surya Kencana (Gunung Gede), Alun-Alun Mandalawangi (Mount Pangrango), and Plawangan Sembalun (Gunung Rinjani).  Source

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