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Monday, August 29, 2011

The beauty behind his sturdy Reservoir Sempor

The beauty behind his sturdy Reservoir Sempor

Tourism attractions Reservoir Sempor pretty cool air with alluring natural charm. Suitable for a vacation spot and relax with the family. District that has a beach could not have avoided exposure to hot temperatures, sometimes creating a sense of stifling. If you have this, where the foot went to get cool air? One is Attraction Sempor Reservoir is located 10 kilometers north Gombong. Reservoir covering an area of ??tens of hectares, besides providing irrigation water for rice fields, also to drive hydro turbines and taps. As a tourist attraction, Reservoir Sempor equipped with various facilities. For example, water recreation, there is a speedboat, slowboat, ducks paddle and rowing boats. In addition, tourists can choose other events, such as roads around the dam while enjoying the beautiful panorama and cool refreshing air.
Attractions: Sempor Reservoir is integrated with the work of human nature. Thereof was born a beautiful panorama with a dish that is so enchanting. Hence the name Reservoir Sempor not something familiar in the world kewisataan. Now try you feel when you come home. You will feel an incredible freshness. So Kebumen should be grateful with the presence of this reservoir. Plus its management system is handled directly by the people who are professionals in their field. TRAVEL TIPS Regularly attraction traversed by public transport, so to get to the location is not difficult. From Kebumen, take public transport and fell in Gombong. From here followed by a rising tourist transport. Information: Tourism Office Kebumen TK II Jl. Heroes, No. 136 Kebumen, Central Java. Tel: (0287) 81 988 Koeswintoro Tourism Terminal Jl. Yos Sudarso, No. 565, Gombong, Kebumen, Central Java. Tel: (0287) 71 250:

Sempor Reservoir at Dusk
Sempor Reservoir at Dusk

Sempor Reservoir at dusk
Sempor Reservoir at dusk

Sempor The Sight Seeing
The Sight Seeing.

Sempor Reservoir
Sempor Reservoir

Sempor Reservoir picture taken from a plane
Sempor Reservoir picture taken from a plane

Thanks.. :)
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Enjoying the small waves on the beach Jetis.

Enjoying the small waves on the beach Jetis.

The beach is directly adjacent to the Beach attractions Kebumen father is Located in the District Nusawungu Cilacap Regency offers a beautiful panorama of the eastern part of the southern ocean waves and mountain scenery and the beauty of the River arur Bodo. + This beach is located 40 km from the eastern town of Cilacap, using private or public vehicles through the south-south direction Cilacap - Jatijajar - Gombong. At the attraction there is a Traditional Fisherman Fish Auction Place

Fad we traveled there, just get together with my friends. A gentle breeze, the waves are not too big but comfortable. This is a fun trip.

Jetis beaches bordering the Ayah beach  Kebumen

Jetis Beach with the small waves

Jetis Beach with the cliff inside

Enjoy the sands.. :)

Here we are.. 

Thanks.. :)
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Amazing waterfall that is hidden.

Amazing waterfall that is hidden.

In an accident we found an amazing waterfall, in the thick jungle Batang, water is crystal clear and so refreshing, natural shades hidden behind thick trees.

There's hardly a street that can be traversed to get to the waterfalls, the tall shrub makes us more difficult to reach locations. to get to the bottom waterfall we need to do repling with a rope. too dangerous, cliff is too steep for us through.

at least we have tried to tell the existence of waterfalls through these photos.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hunting wild boar in Rogojembangan.

Hunting wild boar in Rogojembangan. 

Hunting wild boar on the slopes Rogojembangan has become a tradition for generations of local residents. Hunting traditionally, using a spear, and aided by some hunting dogs. Hunting wild boar at this location, shall not use firearms, or rifles. In the hunt can not be arbitrary time, this tradition has its own rules of hunting schedule, ie every Tuesday Kliwon (day Javanese people). So only one month in the hunt once and 12 times a year. Though females usually bear boar once a year. Pregnant period lasts for 101-130 days, an average of 115 days, with the number of children 2-12 head / birth. Her children breastfed for 4-5 months. At the end of lactation, a female wild boar was able to remarry.
Hunting is just a pest, because pigs are considered pests by locals that the majority work as farmers. there is no intent to eliminate this species, so in my opinion, hunting traditionally wiser than mass slaughter.

Breeding boars began at the age of 6-8 years. In nature, on average, able to survive 10-12 years, but nothing can last up to 20 years.

Activity of wild boar in search of food is usually performed in the afternoon and early morning, ie at 16:00 to 19:00 and 04:00 to 06:00. At 9:00 to 11:00 usually wallow in the mud. Daily roaming boar 5-16 km and usually passes through a fixed path.
Senses are extremely sensitive and very keen to recognize the human scent and a good swimmer.

Locals only controls a small portion of forest growth in pigs, because if too many boars in this area, it will destroy their farmland.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Tea Plantations

Tea plantations. green and refreshing atmosphere, this is the beautiful scenery and pleasant. it seems to be missed without the pictures taken here.

this time I'll share a few sentences, about the tea plantations I mean.

some time ago, we are no events Commemoration, in Batang. Our trips are divided into 3 stages. As for Stage One is through the 10% Paved, 30% of Stone Street, and 60% is a dirt road. At this stage, we're just a little past the Tea Plantation, because when it rains, we did not get to take pictures / photos. It is a wedge for us, because it missed the beautiful scenery. but yeah never mind .. we think there is still a Stage 2 and Stage 3 next .. : D

Day-two ..
Because annoyed with things that happened yesterday, today we have prepared the camera carefully. to avoid things that are not in want, eg broken camera, or can not be used at the right time, right place and right time. : D
This is our journey, on this day, here. possible with the pictures I can take in today, will remind us of today, here.
The following pictures of the tea plantations we can take.

  Day-Three ..
this is his final .. when we were exhausted after walking for 2 days, on the third day, the pathway through which is 80% paved roads. This sucks for us all. but never mind ... at least we can ride on a passing car .. : D
on the third day, we hardly find anything to be photographed. maybe because we do not like paved roads. :)

sorry .. not even connect with the title huh? the point is we want to share the beauty of the Tea Plantation which we passed on the Commemoration activities. :)

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Back To The River

What it is..?
Kali Serayu or Serayu River (formerly also called Ci Serayu) is a river in Central Java. Headwaters are located in Wonosobo regency (called Tuk Bima Lukar or Bima Lukar spring) and boils at Cilacap.
Serayu River- Central Java
Serayu major tributaries are Klawing Kali, who tipped in Mount Slamet. There are six counties covered by the watershed are: Wonosobo district, District Banjarnegara, Banyumas, Purbalingga, Kebumen and Cilacap.
Serayu River is also used as a theme in keroncong Serayu River around the edges.

Serayu River is one of the natural attractions found in Central Java Province. Rivers that disgorge the Dieng plateau and has a length of about 30 km of this, across the five districts, including Wonosobo, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Banyumas and Cilacap. River which empties into the Indian Ocean is, has a width of about 12-25 m.
Serayu bridge over the river (photo taken before 1917)
Besides being a source of life for the community, is also a place Serayu River rafting sport. Because, in this river rafting are traversed terrain is unique and challenging. With the condition of the river like that, then local government is determined to seriously develop this river become tourist attractions and at the same location rafting sport. The effort was fruitless. Proven in 1997, River Serayu never be used as a race where the national sport of whitewater rafting. Starting from the existence of this river that later became famous.
According to the story of the local community, in ancient times Serayu River is a water transport pathway traders from China, India, and Arabic. The merchants that sailed up the river to peddle his wares. This can be evidenced by the discovery of various relics that can still be seen today, among them the discovery of the former dock building, Chinese ceramics, metals and foreign currencies. Relics are found in the village of Plana, Banyumas.

Where beauty?

Serayu River has beautiful natural scenery, unique cliffs jutting into the middle of the river as well as various types of rocks that stand out. Around the river, visitors can also see a paddy field and a verdant garden of the population. Visitors can also take advantage of his visit while fishing. Many of the fish contained in this river ranging from tilapia, catfish, shrimp, and others.

For you fans of white water rafting, river Serayu is appropriately used as a test of your adrenalin. Many of the sports pengemar rafting visited this river. Rafting on the river rafting trip features two of each located approximately 12 km with a travel time of approximately 2.5 to 5 hour trip. During the rafting, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery along the rivers.
Serayu River from Prigi Post View
This river is also famous for its annual tradition called Grebeg Suro. Suro Grebeg tradition held on the banks of the River Serayu usually equipped with a mound containing agricultural products, such as peppers, eggplant, long beans, and others as well as the fruits of them barked, bananas, apples, and so forth. To obtain a wide range of agricultural products, visitors can go scrambling after the completion of this tradition.
In Serayu River there is also another event that is not less interesting, namely Serayu Festival. Serayu Festival event is the celebration of entertainment consisting of various races in between racing rowing boat, stage games, performances ornamental kites, and other race-race. Racing boats typically travel a distance of approximately 1 km, with a capacity of one boat consists of 9 rowers as a member of the group. To enliven the festival, also held a variety of art performances such as stage performances all-night wayang kulit, kuda lumping stage, karaoke, and others. The festival is held in order to promote tourism again Banyumas Serayu River water.

Where are the challenges?

if my words are not working.. maybe these pictures will tell you.. about.. :)

How attractive?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Rogojembangan Mountain, located in District Wanayasa, Banjarnegara regency, Central Java Province. With a height of 2118.5 meters above sea level. With the coordinates on a map of Indonesia
S 7 ° 10 '35''E 109 ° 42' 46''
-7.17639 / 109.71278
Latitude: -7.203111
Longitude: 109.7286

In this place, presenting a captivating natural charm, the cool and fresh air, unspoiled heterogeneous forest untouched. Here we can see the old trees are completely natural, with a stunning overgrown with wild orchids. Flora diversity that is so amazing, so quiet plateau to be a place to visit.

Besides the natural beauty offered yan, is the potential for grinding for members in Banjarnegara nature lovers. Activities of nature lovers here, include basic training in the SAR (Search And Rescue) Survival, etc.

This is a decent place to visit for lovers of the outdoors. But I recommend to bring a GPS, so you do not get lost while hiking or at the time you get it to come home. Dense thickets, it is not possible to make you get lost in there.

The following are pictures about the activities of the nature lovers in Rogo Jembangan.

The Big Old Tree Rogojembangan

Rogojembangan Forest with the Wild Orchid

Rogojembangan, They are Trees.. :)

Young Green Lovers at Rogojembangan

More Best View can you Take the photo if you here. Top of Rogojembangan

Step..Step..Step.. to the Top Rogojembangan.

Rogojembangan With the Cloud.. 

This is the Rogojembangan Amazing Trips.

Look from Rogojembangan.. there are the small City.
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