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Saturday, February 25, 2012

9 Mountain Climber For Beginners

9 Mountain Climber For Beginners

Mountain climbing is an activity favored by some, because there are interesting methods that can be applied in addition to other sights will find an eye out for who is known for. And mountain climbing have classes, from beginners to seniors. And do not dream to climb Everest in advance if the ability and the cost is not sufficient.

For beginners, there are some mountain climbing destination that does not require a lot of equipment and cost, as quoted Journeyetc.


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece which is the legendary home of the gods. The highest peak reaches 2918 meters. You can start the climb from Prionia is approximately 18 kilometers from Litohoro, then reach Refuge A in less than three hours and up to the top for more than three hours.


Mount it traces its roots are in Tengger crater. Volcanic peaks reaching 2392 meters and is one of the most popular mountain in the corner of the world. If you are a beginner, the best route to take is Cemoro Lawang which can be accessed through the City of Probolinggo. You can cross the crater of sand and get to the top of Bromo in just over an hour.


Mount Elbrus is considered as the highest mountain in Europe, located between Russia and Georgia border. When you see this mountain, it might seem daunting because of the high peak. You do not need to worry because it will not deal with technical challenges. You can even ride the cable car if you want to start your journey to peak within eight hours.


One well-known for climbing the mountain has a peak at 3776 meters altitude. The best time to visit is Japan's highest peak in July and August in terms of weather, nor is it a busy month visit. Climbing to the peak will be nearly five hours from the usual starting point. Try to reach the summit before sunrise.


United States has the best mountain named Whitney in the state of California, approximately 14 494 feet high. For beginners, it can be definitely a good place to start climbing and good performance at the end of the day.


The highest mountain in North Africa, ironically, very good for beginner climbers. To reach the top, you can go to Imlil is just a few hours walk from the Toubkal Refuge. Base camp is located at 3,200 meters. Travel to the top will take you a few hours and you'll still have enough time to get back to Imlil in 24 hours. Be prepared with such quicksand along the slopes of Jebel Toubkal.


Half Dome is one of the amazing rock in Yosemite Valley, the United States. Path starts at Happy Isles and you can journey to the summit of 1,000 meters with a lot of challenges to the summit. From there you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the valley. You can complete the journey in one day and stay, do not forget to bring supplies to it.


South Africa's mountain tops to give you a view of Cape Town's most beautiful. If you plan to reach the top quickly, take Platteklip Gorge route. This route will only take approximately three hours and you can still enjoy a few drinks at the cafe top of the mountain. Too tired to climb down? Do not worry because there is a car that can take you down Table Mountain.


The mountain is located in Maui, Hawaii. You can drive to the summit, but the best way is to walk through the park and conquer the dramatic terrain. Mount Haleakala is considered a sacred place by local residents is also the best place to look for things - the heavens.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Outdoor Adventure: NASA Outlines The Future Of Space Exploration

Earlier this year the Space Shuttle program was put on mothballs, effectively closing the book on an era of manned space travel. While it was sad to see it go, it was time. The Shuttle was an aging piece of equipment that was long over due for a replacement. The problem is, with an ongoing economic crisis causing budget cuts, NASA doesn't have a new system ready to go, and it will be years before they are ready to launch the Shuttle's replacement.

That hasn't stopped them from preparing for the future of space exploration however. Earlier today, NASA released The Global Exploration Roadmap, a document that lays out the agency's plans for the next 25 years of operations.

The roadmap, which is actually in it's first draft, was put together by the International Space Exploration Coordination Group, which includes not only NASA, but space programs from China, Russia, Europe, and more. That group sees a greater need for cooperation in moving forward with space exploration and is  putting down the groundwork for both manned and robotic missions across the solar system.

The 38-page document sees two potential major missions in the future. A return to the moon or a visit to nearby astroids, both of which would be stepping stones for going to Mars. Each will require a grand commitment, and both have exciting possibilities for manned space travel, although they are, at a bare minimum, a decade away.

For fans of space travel, who have been wonder where we go next, this is an interesting read. Clearly the push is to now move away from Earth orbit and go further out into space. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome first, but it is interesting to not only see a plan to get there, but one that involves the cooperation of a number of nations and independent entities. This gives me hope for a future for man in space, and it lays out some very important reasons for why we should be headed in that direction.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sikopel Water Fall - Banjarnegara

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel / Sikopel Waterfall

Sikopel waterfall, is a waterfall located in the village of Babadan, District Pagentan, Banjarnegara Regency - Central Java. Waterfall with a height of about 40 Meters, offers coolness and beauty of its surroundings. The hills that look dashing, elegant. This is the beauty of nature to be proud of. It is a tourist attraction that still needs to be developed, so more comfortable to visit.

Road access is still relatively difficult, is even more a tourist location is increasingly isolated and rarely visited by tourists. This is actually an exotic scenery, visitors can see wild monkeys in this location.

Looks like local governments need to renovate, or at least provide a more viable access road to reach this location again. Sikopel like a pearl that has not been sharpened, still disguised, and very few people who know this area.

In the end .. authors hope, if later waterfall Sikopel been successfully renovated, and given adequate road access, and then many visitors who come, it could still be a cool waterfall Sikopel, Anggun, Clean, and convenient to visit.

Curug Sikopel Between Hills

Curug sikopel
Curug Sikopel

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel

Near the Sikopel Water fall
Curug Sikopel

on the site Sikopel
Curug Sikopel

greening in curug sikopel
Greening in Curug Sikopel

Greening Activity in Curug Sikopel
Greening Activity in Curug Sikopel

Sikopel around the planting site
Sikopel around the planting site

The hills among curug sikopel
The Hiils among Curug Sikopel

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel 

Try rock climbing in curug sikopel
Try Rock Climbing in Curug Sikopel

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel - Pagentan - Banjarnegara

Curug Sikopel
Curug Sikopel - Pagentan - Banjarnegara

Do not leave anything but footprints, Do not take anything but photographs.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Outdoor Adventure: A Pair Of Adventure Interviews

We have a couple of good interviews this morning of two very interesting adventurers who have spent a lot of time on mountains and in very cold places.

First up, my friends at are making it a habit of posting excellent interviews with some fascinating subjects. This week they put polar explorer Lonnie Dupre under their microscope, discussing such topics as what inspires him to go on his adventures, what his biggest weakness is, and why he decided to attempt Denali in January. Even for a guy who has been to the North Pole twice and circumnavigated Greenland, that was a tough expedition.

Once you're done getting to know Lonnie better, head over to Adventeer to check out their interview with  mountaineer Meagan McGrath. I've written about Meagan's adventures a few times, most notably when she went to the South Pole, but also on her Seven Summits climbs as well. In her interview, Meagan discusses her motivations for climbing, what it was like going to the South Pole alone, and how she manages to self-fund her adventures. She also goes into detail on the Seven Summits and shares which of those peaks was her favorite as well.

Both are good reads and highly motivational. If you're finding it difficult to get your energy going this morning, both Lonnie and Meagan may provide some inspiration. At the very least, they'll give you something to think about heading into the weekend.
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