Friday, November 2, 2012

Giritirta village, Exoticism in Tourism

Village Tourism Exoticism Giritirta, District Pejawaran, Banjarnegara District incredible. In the village within 33 kilometers from the center of the district, there are Four Sights that can be enjoyed by visitors at the same time in one location. Each of the two Curug or waterfall and two hot water discharge is high.

Although four of these attractions have not been touched at all by the government, but the beauty of the waterfall and the hot water is well known by the public. Two waterfall is Curug Genting  and Curug Merawu. Curug Genting / Genting waterfall has a height of about 70 meters, while the Curug Merawu / Merawu waterfall is about 50 meters altitude. Two waterfall and two hot water is located in the northern Melikan hamlet is approximately 1.5 km.

Hot water containing sulfur yellow hills out of the rocks there, believed to to treat a number of diseases. Residents, especially farmers in the village and surrounding giritirta harness to water the vegetable plants developed by many people.



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