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Serayu White Water Rafting
Serayu White Water Rafting
An outline understanding of the Security Staff on adventure activities or outdoor activities are responsible for providing security for the participants. This requires a sense of responsibility to lead the activities of field staff with security indefinitely. Because the activities page. goes along with the dangers that come from the human aspects, equipment and natural environment. Field staff should prepare the participants to learn, practice in dealing with accidents, as well as develop the ability to anticipate the risk of physical, mental and emotional.

Therefore, in the above activities it is necessary field staff should bring together the various aspects of security with intregritas participants. Activities that involve risks require Policy & Decision-Making Ability in handling it. To avoid accidents or successful in handling when it happens it is necessary to consider issues other than the need for Decision-Making Ability Knowledge and Skills activity itself plus understand the character of these rivers. Security is not just following the rules of the activity, which is allowed and what is not. But understanding, understanding, attitudes and habits that must be taken always in all activities and it requires a process of conditioning the working environment. If it is met then it is possible all the activities will end with success in running these activities, the Security Program with high quality.

Vision and Mission Vision and Mission Security Security in a program needs to be determined in conjunction with the implementing rules and system that will be enforced and adhered to without compromise and avoid a double rule. It is also viewed in terms of the accident itself as "The emergence of the risk of losing both physical, mental, emotional and financial". Because the impression is borne by the participants of accidents and resulting trauma will eliminate the chance for a second time involved in activities. At the same time will impact on program quality and handling as well as free publicity is bad and expensive.

"................... as a pioneering developer of systems and rafting Security System in Indonesia ". MISSION SECURITY "Avoiding accidents resulting in injury of any kind, handle with quick - and correct by setting up systems and human resources. which can meet the demands of society at large ". with the vision and mission statement example above then translated into strategic plans in the future, namely: 1. Knowledge and skills development programs 2. Making the system and rules as well as funding support. Because security is a costly activity also resulted in something that is balanced, is also a need for Corporate Image and Customer Needs.

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