Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tips Mountain Trekking


For people like yabng ventured into the mountains,,, there are guidelines that must be obeyed and preparation that we should do.
general preparation for mountain climbing, among others, mental readiness, physical, ethics, knowledge and skills.

1. Planning the climb
o the things that need attention within the planning ascent:
o The ability to recognize themselves in the face of the team in field
o study the field that will be pursued
o careful climbing and route plan will be taken as carefully as possible
o think about the interface of the climb
o check all equipment to be brought

2. Travel Gear
o The basic equipment

  • road equipment: shoes, socks, pants, belt, shirt, hat, raincoat etc
  • bedding: sleeping bag, tent, mattress, etc.
  • cooking and eating equipment: stove, spoon, food, matches etc.
  • personal equipment: needles, thread, personalized medicine, toothbrushes, toilet paper etc.
  • backpack / carrier

o Equipment aide

  • Compass, flashlight, knife belt, machete slash, P3K
  • "Map X, arc degrees, pengaris, pencils etc.
  •  communication tool (Handy talky), survival kit, GPS if there
  •  watches

3. Packing or stacking equipment into a backpack
o classify goods according to the type of its kind
o put in a plastic bag
o place the goods are mild and rarely use (eg, sleeping equipment) at its deepest
o The goods are frequently used and vital place it as close to the body and easily retrieved
o place the heavier goods as high and as close to the body / back
o Checklist for such goods.
good luck to your ascent to the First .... hopefully safe and successful

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