Friday, September 2, 2011

Dieng Plateau is told Inside Puppets

Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau is told in the puppet shows that there was a time when Java has not been inhabited and in the shambles. Java island is constantly fluctuating. Guru, as supreme god and then take the peak of Mount Himalayas and plugged in the middle of Java Island Java Island sabagai pegs. Pegs are then referred to as Dieng. Dieng and by being placed in the middle of the island of Java, then Java is no longer in turmoil, quiet and can be occupied by humans. There are several opinions regarding the origin of the name "Dieng" some people think that the word "Dieng" comes from the Sanskrit "On", which means high place or mountain and "Hyang" which means Khayangan. Others believe that the word "Dieng" comes from an ancient language that is "On" and "Hyang" which means the residence of the dewa.Sebagian others consider the word "Dieng" means "Eddie" who beratinya pretty or beautiful, and "Aeng" which bararti interpreted so as odd that Dieng is a beautiful place but it saves a lot of weirdness. Where did the word, Dieng is a place above the clouds full of charm and store an endless story. According to ancient beliefs, there are three places as Tempt persuaded highest abode of the gods, That the High Himalaya Mountains of Tibet, and the Dieng Plateau. And it is believed that in order to achieve spiritual perfection, they must go to a high place to meet with the gods. This is proven by the "Ondho Budho" contained in the southern village of Siterus which is the entrance to the Dieng Plateau from the south.

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