Monday, August 29, 2011

Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater is one of the craters on the Dieng Plateau region. The location of this crater is in the village of Dieng Kulon Banjarnegara district.

After lunch, we started walking toward the crater. Although the daytime, but the atmosphere remains cool as usual. Understandably, here's the plateau, so it is a cold meal at any time. On either side of the road is the potato fields owned by villagers. On the way we passed the entrance Telaga Warna, but this time we do not stop. Turn right and walk again, we went through the temple area of ??Bima. Temple is still well maintained, its surroundings were clean and beautiful. In addition there are also areas of Bima temple Arjuna temple area wider and more number of temple. After visiting the temple Bima while, we continued on. Passing the entrance to Crater Sikidang that there is no guardian, aka our free entry. That afternoon, the atmosphere quiet enough to make us free to walk in the middle of the road. Then we also take pictures in the middle of the road. We then pass through the pipes of PT Geo Dipa Energy Dieng unit, a company generating electric energy, geothermal power.

From the entrance to the crater distance is quite far and quite tiring, but there is no other choice so that the journey should continue. Then behold the crater area with towering smoke. This tourist spot has ample parking area. Also there are souvenir stalls. Approaching the crater area we were greeted by the distinctive smell of sulfur. Central crater is only fenced in makeshift bamboo. In it, the crater of boiling water and bubbling great. Well, quite horrified, too. We dare not linger near the central crater. Moreover, the smell of sulfur is also pierced nose. After our picture taken down and went home immediately. It's enough we admire the power of the Creator by looking at the Crater Sikidang from close range. With great struggle again, we went home. ( )

here the photos.. :)

Sikidang Crater in the rain.. :)

Sikidang Crater from the rest area.

Sikidang Crater with the rain and clouds.

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