Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoying the small waves on the beach Jetis.

Enjoying the small waves on the beach Jetis.

The beach is directly adjacent to the Beach attractions Kebumen father is Located in the District Nusawungu Cilacap Regency offers a beautiful panorama of the eastern part of the southern ocean waves and mountain scenery and the beauty of the River arur Bodo. + This beach is located 40 km from the eastern town of Cilacap, using private or public vehicles through the south-south direction Cilacap - Jatijajar - Gombong. At the attraction there is a Traditional Fisherman Fish Auction Place

Fad we traveled there, just get together with my friends. A gentle breeze, the waves are not too big but comfortable. This is a fun trip.

Jetis beaches bordering the Ayah beach  Kebumen

Jetis Beach with the small waves

Jetis Beach with the cliff inside

Enjoy the sands.. :)

Here we are.. 

Thanks.. :)

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