Sunday, August 21, 2011

Banjarnegara Serayu Rafting

Rafting in categorizing as athletics wisata at the same time adventure athletics. As athletics tour, arung rapids presents a perambulation of river with fauna flora variety earning in enjoying the tourists beside rawing their boat. As a form of  water tourism, the rafting also able to in enjoying by children and also adult, men and also woman. They don't require certain expertises to enjoy wisata rafting tour, must be done only obeys instruction of guide and safety procedures which would in informing before strarting fording. As adventure athletics, Rafting in limiting at people who to fulfill certain qualification as according to level of difficulty of river which would in fording. Procedure applied differs from Rafting tourism, because in assuming the this rafter has owned adequate expertise and also experience. fascination of Adventure of rafting lays in challenge and risk which presenting by itself river, so that in general track which in plot for adventure of rafting will not equal to trip its(the tour.

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